New night packing arrangements


16th April 2020

To:  All Dunnes members

From:  Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

Re: New night packing arrangements in Dunnes Stores

Based on numerous reports from members, Dunnes are starting new night packing arrangements in a large number of stores. While night packing may be a beneficial arrangement for both staff and customers to help maintain better social distancing, a number of concerns have been raised in respect to the way in which it is being implemented by management.  The concerns expressed so far is that it is being done without any consultation such as seeking volunteers who are able and willing to work at night. In addition there appears to be a lack of clarity on the night shift premium paid after 12midnight.

If night working arrangements are being implemented by management in your store without any consultation or agreement, such as the seeking of volunteers, it should be directly raised and challenged by the members. If you need advice and support in doing this contact your shop steward or local Mandate official straightaway.

Members who agree to do night packing should also clarify with management what premium is being paid after 12midnight.  Reports thus far seem to indicate that this premium is time and one half.

Again if you have any queries or need assistance contact your shop steward or Mandate office.

Encourage any non-members to join at