Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign “growing by the day”

The Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign is “growing by the day” according to Mandate’s Lead Organiser Bill Abom.

The union has been hosting local meeting across the country in recent weeks which have been attended by hundreds of activists, members and non-members alike and Mr Abom says there’s clearly an appetite to achieve real and permanent change in Dunnes Stores.

He explained that Dunnes workers are joining their union in record numbers as the campaign develops.

“At all of our meetings across the country we’ve had more and more people joining Mandate. We’ve also seen a huge amount of members joining online. It’s clear that Dunnes workers recognise the benefits of being in a union.

“When Dunnes staff see the terms and conditions of workers in Dunnes’ main competitors – including banded hour contracts and a right to representation – they know they can only achieve similar terms by standing together as a collective.”

Mandate launched the campaign in April of this year with very clear goals:

  • Decent hours and earnings – including banded hour contracts;
  • Job security – to combat the widespread use of fixed term contracts and job insecurity;
  • Fair pay – a three percent pay increase and transparent pay scales; and
  • A right to representation and dignity at work.

In July, Dunnes announced a three percent pay increase, the first success of the campaign. Mr Abom said, “While we welcomed the announcement of a three percent pay increase for all Dunnes workers, this was only one part of our campaign.

“What we’re hearing from workers on the ground is that security of hours and earnings, along with job security and a right to representation, are what our members in Dunnes really want,” said Mr Abom.

Mr Abom concluded by encouraging all Dunnes workers to promote the campaign website – – and to get active in their campaign.