Dunnes workers to strike on Holy Thursday, 2nd April

Dunnes workers call on their employer to “do the right thing and prevent this strike”

Workers call for unity ahead of strike date

Mandate Trade Union’s Dunnes Stores National Disputes Committee has today (Tuesday, 10 March) announced an initial one day strike to take place on Holy Thursday, 2nd April 2015 with a review thereafter.

The Committee, which consists of ten Dunnes Stores workers, said the one day strike would go ahead in 107 stores across the Republic of Ireland unless senior management in the Company agree to a meeting with the workers through their trade union in order to discuss all of the issues in dispute.

Last week Mandate Trade Union, which represents the majority of the 10,000 workers in Dunnes Stores, announced that more than two thirds of their members had balloted in favour of industrial action.

The Dunnes workers are now reiterating their call for their employer to resolve this dispute as a matter of urgency.

Bernie Wesley, a Dunnes Stores worker from Dundalk, said: “There is one group of people who can ensure this strike doesn’t go ahead and that’s Dunnes Stores. All they have to do is agree to meet with us through our union and negotiate in relation to all of the issues in dispute. We’re urging them strongly to do the right thing and prevent this strike.”

She continued, “If Dunnes refuse to engage in meaningful negotiations, the strike will have to go ahead and we’re urging all Dunnes Stores workers, including those not already in the union, to join and stand together because this is a dispute we can win and we will win.”

Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary said: “Our members in Dunnes are extremely disappointed with the behaviour of their company. Dunnes, like every employer in this state have a moral responsibility to their own workers and there are failing them in this regard. Nobody wants this industrial action to go ahead but the ultimate responsibility lies with the company who can resolve this dispute with one simple phone call.”

Dunnes Stores workers want a number of issues addressed including:

  • The implementation of banded hour contracts which would give workers security of hours and earnings.
  • Fair pay for all workers in Dunnes Stores.
  • A review of Dunnes’ excessive use of temporary contracts of employment.
  • Individual and collective representational rights for Dunnes workers.