Thank you for your continued support

On Thursday, April 2nd up to 6,000 Dunnes Stores workers took industrial action despite facing severe levels of intimidation by the company.

What spurred all of the workers on was the incredible levels of support offered by Dunnes Stores’ regular customers, politicians, community groups, local businesses, trade unionists, but particularly from members of the public who sent messages of support before the strike and during it.

Very few people passed the pickets on the day. Members of the public and local businesses bought tea, coffee, sandwiches and many other generous offerings. Activists from other trade unions visited picket lines and offered moral support. Everybody seems to understand the very real and serious issues Dunnes workers are experiencing and they know that we as a society need to address these concerns collectively.

No worker should have to worry about how many hours they’ll get on a week-to-week basis. No employer should have the ability to remove a workers capacity to feed their family simply by cutting hours arbitrarily. Everybody in our society should have a level of income which provides them with a minimum standard of living. And a workers’ right to be represented by a trade union of their choice should not simply be an option for any company to accept or dismiss at their discretion.

In the coming days Dunnes Stores shop stewards from all over the country will be gathering to determine the next steps in their campaign for decency at work.

It is crucial for the success of our campaign that the public continues to support Dunnes workers and mobilises with them.

So on behalf of all Dunnes Stores workers and all members of Mandate Trade Union, we thank you for your support thus far and we look forward to that continued support in the future as we go on to victory in our Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign.

John Douglas

Mandate General Secretary