Dunnes Stores workers call on public to support “decent work” for all

Dunnes workers to march on Dunnes Head Office

Dunnes workers are calling on members of the public to join them and the wider trade union movement tomorrow (Saturday, 6th June, 2015) as they march to Dunnes Stores Head Office to demand decent work for all.

The Dunnes workers, their families and supporters will assemble at Merrion Square at 1pm and will march to Dunnes Head Office on Georges Street, Dublin 2.

Mandate Trade Union, who are coordinating the march, say this is not only about Dunnes Stores workers and the issues affecting them, but it’s a broader societal question about the type of employment we want in our country.

The march is supported by the Irish Congress of Trade Union’s (ICTU) and all of the affiliated trade unions within Congress.

One Dunnes Stores worker calling for a large turnout said:

“This is a march for decent work and fair pay for all workers in Ireland. We know the issue of low pay and precarious work isn’t specific to Dunnes Stores and affects tens of thousands of other workers right across Ireland. That’s why we hope everyone can make an effort to join us in our march because this is something that has to be tackled together.”

She continued: “Everybody knows a Dunnes worker or a worker in a situation like us – with no guaranteed earnings from week-to-week. This march is an opportunity to say to employers and politicians that workers need secure hours and they need a living wage.”

Gerry Light, Mandate Trade Union Assistant General Secretary, said:

“The Dunnes Stores workers took a very brave step when they went on strike on Holy Thursday, 2nd April. The support from members of the public that day was phenomenal and we’re hoping that we’ll see that same level of support tomorrow.”

He added: “No worker should be left wondering whether they’ll receive enough hours to be able to pay the bills next week, and no employer should possess the ability to cut a workers’ wage at a whim.

“As the economy recovers it’s vital we don’t base that recovery on low-paid, insecure work. There’s a responsibility on all of us – including employers, politicians and workers – to ensure that work pays for everyone in our society,” he said.

“That’s why we’re calling on everyone to stand with the Dunnes workers as they once again send a strong message to their employer and to elected representatives,” concluded Mr Light.

The Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign was launched in April 2014 with four key demands from workers:

  • Secure hours and earnings
  • Job security
  • Fair pay
  • The right to representation by their trade union.