Dunnes Stores member update – 27, Sept 2016

Please find below an update in respect of the following issues

1. Pay Claim for 2016

On the 30th March 2016 your union served a claim on your employer seeking the following

  • 3% pay increase
  • Guaranteed minimum increases in hourly rates of pay
  • Review of working hours to include the creation of a number of full time jobs

Dunnes Stores management have failed to respond to the claim served on your behalf leaving your union with no option but to refer the matters outlined to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). Even though your employer was contacted by the WRC over the past number of months they declined to respond to a request to engage with your union. Accordingly we are left with no option but to refer the claim to the Labour Court for their consideration and this we have done as a matter of urgency.

2. Claim for security of weekly working hours

As you are all aware one of the key objectives of the ongoing Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign is our fight for better weekly hours. As part of our one day dispute in 2015 we won from Government the introduction of new legislation which allowed the Labour Court issue legally binding recommendations. Your fight for improved hours was one of the first referred to the Court under this legislation and we are currently working through the process since the preliminary hearing on 1st June 2016. Whilst it might appear to be taking a long time, your union is as determined as ever to achieve a successful outcome.

3. Legislation/Political Updates

Again as a consequence of our ongoing Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign we continue to lobby politicians in an effort to bring about legislative changes that support our objectives. To this end Sinn Fein introduced a Bill on banded hour contracts which was passed by the Dail on 7th July 2016. The Labour Party are about to introduce a Bill in the Seanad which also attempts to guarantee workers the right to the hours that they actually work as opposed to those that appear as a minimum on their contract.

In conclusion we want to reassure you that your union will continue to fight for fair and proper treatment for our members employed in Dunnes Stores. Surely all Dunnes workers are entitled to their fair share from a business that continues to grow sales and profits.

Together we must remain committed to achieving the objectives that have been prioritised by all Dunnes members. Success, although slow, will happen. However, in order to ensure it does happen, we must continue to maintain strong membership levels and a renewed determination to organise if we are to make lasting and positive change in Dunnes Stores.