Update to Dunnes Members 24 Nov 2017

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A Message from Gerry Light, Mandate Assistant General Secretary:

“Last week your Union launched the ‘Secure Hours – Better Future’ campaign calling on the Government to finally pass promised legislation for greater security over working hours.

As you know the Labour Court adjourned our case against Dunnes Stores for six months back in August pending the government introducing such legislation – not just for Dunnes workers but for all workers who fall under these forms of insecure hours contracts.

Your union is proud to be the main driving force behind these two initiatives and it is important to remember that both of them directly evolved out of our last national one day strike in 2015 and the ongoing Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign.

You and your fellow colleagues hard work has been instrumental in driving Dunnes to the top spot in the national grocery supermarket sector. For this reason alone you deserve to have greater security over your working hours, simply because at this time more than ever your employer can afford to do it.

While there is significant support from the general public and trade union movement for what we are seeking – we need to continue to put pressure on all of our legislators to act once and for all.

Local delegations to lobby TDs and Senators are being arranged through your Union in the coming days and weeks. We are asking all politicians to sign a pledge to support bringing legislation forward.

· You can support the campaign by participating in these local delegations.

· Contact your local TDs and Senators directly – urging them to get behind security of working hours legislation.

· Also support the campaign by signing the Secure Hours online petition which will be delivered to the Dail in December. The link can be found on the Dunnes workers.com and Mandate.com websites and Facebook pages. Please promote and share the petition to your co-workers, friends and family.

Finally, make sure to keep your Union strong in Dunnes by encouraging fellow colleagues who are not yet Mandate members to go to www.joinmandate.ie and join your Union. Acting together we can and will bring about the positive workplace changes that you and your fellow Union members not only desire, but actually deserve.

Thank you.”