Dunnes workers update: Making a request to be placed on a secure band of weekly working hours

To: All Dunnes Stores Members

From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

Re: Making a request to be placed on a secure band of weekly working hours

Dear Member

It has been confirmed that the provisions for banded hours provided in the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2018 are due to come into force next week.

As you may be aware Mandate information meetings and outreach clinics with Dunnes members have been taking place across the country over the past month to fully explain the banded hour’s legislation and the process your Union is taking in order to assist members to request a more secure band of weekly working hours. See link to main information sheet here.

A key requirement of the new law is that workers who have been employed with Dunnes for 12 months or more and who want to be placed on a more secure band of weekly working hours must submit a written request to their employer. Mandate has drafted a template letter for members. See link to sample letter you can print. NOTE: Only complete the name, address and signature part of the form. DO NOT complete the “Date” and “To” fields. You can get a template letter from your local Mandate office, official or a shop steward.

During the past several weeks your local officials have been collecting hundreds of signed request letters from Dunnes members that will soon be submitted by the Union together as a group to relevant store manager in each Dunnes location.

It is important that all Dunnes members who want to submit a request to the company through Mandate to return their signed request letter back to their Union Official/Organiser/Shop Steward before next Friday the 8th of March.  

While there will be opportunities to submit letters of request for banded hours through the Union on an ongoing basis in future, we encourage all members to return their letters before next Friday so as not to miss out on the first stage of these requests.

After letters are submitted to the store manager, you will receive confirmation via text message. The company then has a maximum of 4 weeks by law to place you in a new band in accordance with the legislation.

If you have any queries please contact your local Mandate office, official or shop steward.   www.mandate.ie

Any non-members who wish to join can do so at www.joinmandate.ie