Dunnes workers’ Banded Hours Update – your questions answered

15th April 2019

To: All Dunnes Stores Members

From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

Re: Banded Hours Requests

Since we submitted over 1,500 individual requests to the Company for banded hour adjustments Dunnes members have been receiving confirmation back from management. There are a number of concerns that have been raised by members which we would like to help address below. If you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact your shop steward or local Mandate office.

  1. Band of weekly hours calculated appears to be incorrect

If you believe that the band of hours that has been calculated by the company is incorrect, you should request details as to how the figures were arrived at and if you are still not happy you should request a review. In preparation you should gather your payslips from the previous 12 months from the date your request was submitted and calculate your own weekly hours average. Please note that any weeks over the previous 12 months that you did not work, for example time on annual leave, out sick, or on maternity should not form part of calculating your average. Your employer should only be averaging the weeks that you actually worked. You should present your calculation to the store or HR manager and formally ask that your weekly band calculation be amended accordingly. If you are unable to resolve the matter at store level, a written grievance can be submitted to Dunnes head office for the attention of Ms Sandra Buckley with your calculations. Make sure to keep copies of your correspondence. If the matter is not resolved at that stage contact your local Mandate office as the matter may need to be referred to the Workplace Relations Commission. If you have any queries and need assistance contact your shop steward or local Mandate office.    

  1. Getting written confirmation of my new weekly band of hours

Once your band of hours is agreed and accepted by you, you are entitled to receive a written statement which confirms or reflects your new band of weekly working hours. This is normally in the form of letter or a statement from the company confirming the amendment of your working hours to your terms of employment. The company must confirm the change in writing within one month. If you do not receive written confirmation you should request it from your manager or write to head office requesting it. If you still do not receive written confirmation you can contact your Mandate office for assistance.

  1. Am I entitled to work above my weekly band of hours?

In many locations it has been stated by management that once you are placed on a weekly band of hours that you will no longer be entitled to work hours above your band. This is not the case. There is nothing in the new legislation that would prevent you from working additional hours above your band should you agree. It is our experience in companies that have been using banded hour agreements for many years, that when additional shifts or hours become available they are normally offered and covered by existing staff. More importantly weekly bands protect staff from drastic cuts to their hours and for many up to now this meant the potential of being reduced to 15 hours. Apparently management are also stating if hours become available they will only be offered to those who did not make a request under the new legislation. This type of behaviour amounts to nothing short of victimisation as defined in the new legislation and your union will support any member who wishes to make such a claim going forward.