Update on Banded Hours applications

12th June 2019

To: All Dunnes Stores Members

From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

Re: Update regarding banded hours

As you are aware over 1,500 fellow members in Dunnes Stores submitted requests to the Company to be placed on a band of weekly working hours. In the main, feedback has been generally positive with many members being placed properly on a weekly band of hours however there are a number of issues that remain and the primary ones are outlined below.

It is important to note that many members have been raising grievances regarding their banded hour requests with the guidance of their shop stewards & Union officials to both local store management and to Dunnes head office and in most cases have managed to get issues resolved. Therefore, if you have a query and/or an unresolved issue regarding your banded hour request don’t hesitate to contact your shop steward or local Mandate office.

  1. Members claim they are being prohibited from being offered additional weekly hours

It appears that some members continue to be told by local store management that as a consequence of being placed on a band of weekly hours they will never be offered additional hours in excess of the top point of their band. Furthermore, they are being told that when such hours become available they will be offered to staff who have not made a request for a weekly band of hours. Your union firmly believes this type of action by store management could amount to penalisation which is strictly prohibited in the legislation and we will support any member who wishes to make a claim against this type of treatment. The union has also written to Dunnes Head of HR, Sandra Buckley, regarding this situation. (Copy of Letter here)  

  1. My paid working hours are less than my agreed band

In some instances members have claimed that their working hours, that is the actual hours they are paid for, are falling below the weekly hourly band which was agreed. In some cases local store management are claiming that they are including the break time towards the weekly hourly band. This should not happen. The legislation stipulates that weekly bands cover the ‘working’ hours which is not break time. If you have encountered this situation don’t hesitate to contact your shop steward or local Mandate office for assistance.

  1. The band of weekly hours calculated appears to have been calculated incorrectly  

If you believe that the band of hours that has been calculated by the company is incorrect, you can still request details as to how your figures were arrived at even if you initially agreed to your current band. It is good to have a clear calculation of your own weekly hours average during the previous 12 months from the date your request was submitted. If you need guidance in how to do this and how to raise a grievance please contact your shop steward or local Mandate office.

  1. I still do not have written confirmation of my new weekly band of hours

Once your band of hours is agreed and accepted by you, you are entitled to receive a written statement which confirms or reflects your new band of weekly working hours. This is normally in the form of letter or a statement from the company confirming the amendment of your working hours to your terms of employment. The company must confirm the change in writing within one month. If you still do not receive written confirmation contact your Mandate office for assistance.