Mandate condemn Dunnes Stores for refusing pay increase despite being number one retailer

Majority of Dunnes members endorse pay claim

Mandate Trade Union has condemned Dunnes Stores management for refusing a cost of living pay increase for its 10,000 workers despite the company retaining top retailer spot in Ireland with more than 22% of market share and an increase of 3.3% in sales.

Mandate’s Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light has written to the company on behalf of members stating: “It is remarkable, as we head into the busiest trading period of the year that no provision has been made for a cost of living pay increase for our members employed in Dunnes. This is despite the fact that many of your main competitors have awarded their staff such an increase.”

He continued: “We are calling on the company, short of addressing all parts of our current pay and benefits claim, to implement an immediate and appropriate pay increase for the thousands of Mandate members employed in the business.”

Mandate lodged a pay and benefits claim with Dunnes Stores in August which included a new and improved pay scale, increased annual leave, more full time jobs and better and fairer scheduling. Mandate members working in Dunnes Stores are also seeking the right to be represented by their trade union which is currently denied by their employer.

Mr Light said: “The majority of all Dunnes Stores members have signed an endorsement of the claim which would provide decent jobs and improved living standards for all Dunnes staff. This clearly shows the claim is emphatically backed by workers. What we need now is action from the company.”

He added, “This is the time of year where our members are under more pressure, both in work, and in relation to their incomes. They are expected to work longer hours serving more customers and yet they are expected to do this on the same relatively low rates of pay while providing for their families.

“Everyone knows the cost of living has increased significantly with rent and house price rises, insurance costs increasing and food bills going up. Our members in other major retailers have received cost of living pay increases, so we’re demanding that Dunnes Stores management do the right thing and implement a pay increase to help their workers through this difficult time,” concluded Mr Light.

You can view the letter from Gerry Light to Dunnes Stores by clicking the below link.

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