Continuing or Upgrading Banded Hours

Date: 5th February 2020
To: All Dunnes Stores Members
From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

As you may be aware thousands of Mandate members working in Dunnes requested and received a band of weekly working hours after the new law won by Mandate members came into effect in March of 2019.

As we approach 12 months since the first band of hours was given there is uncertainty regarding what Dunnes management is going to do after the 12 months. Most employers have permanently changed workers’ contracts of employment to reflect their band of hours providing the clarity and security that was intended in the new law. Dunnes management have yet to do this.

In order to fully clarify the matter, we have written to Dunnes management today (see letter attached) requesting that they immediately clarify and confirm that all members currently placed in a band of hours will continue in their band of hours and, if the case may be, have their band of hours increased if their average working hours over the past year have gone above their current band.

In the case that Dunnes Stores management is not forthcoming with such a confirmation regarding banded hours by the end of February, we will immediately provide instruction and materials in the form of template application letters to all members in order to make fresh applications to secure their working hours for 2020/21. We will also instigate appropriate proceedings against the company for what we consider to be an incorrect application of the legislation on banded hours.

As is always the case, the ability to protect and improve conditions in Dunnes Stores depends on the strength in union membership across the company. Continue to strengthen your Union in Dunnes by sharing this information and asking fellow colleagues to join.

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