Dunnes workers launch pay and benefits petition

Mandate Trade Union activists in Dunnes Stores have unanimously endorsed the rolling out of a new national petition which calls on management to make both the 10% Covid premium and 20% discount card permanent.

The Dunnes National Committee wrote to the Directors of Dunnes Stores on 12th May seeking agreement that these arrangements would permanently remain in place. The Directors have not yet responded.

Members of the National Committee are calling on all Dunnes Stores workers to sign the petition and encourage others to support it too.

“It is so important that we are all united on this. Dunnes Stores has seen massive revenue increases since the pandemic began, meaning increased profits. But it is us, Dunnes Stores workers, who have been on the front lines helping to keep the place going. We deserve recognition for that,” said Patrick Killeen, Dunnes Stores worker and member of the National Committee.

Cathy McLoughlin, also a member of the National Committee and Dunnes Stores worker added: “If we want to ensure this 10% premium is continued, and we want to keep our 20% discount, then the more names on the petition we get, the more likely Dunnes management will take notice of us. That means we all have to chip in and help out.”

Copies of the petition can be obtained by emailing Gerard Halligan at ghalligan@mandate.ie

All completed petitions should be given to your local shop steward and posted back to Mandate Head Office in a pre-paid return envelope no later than July 1st.