Congratulations to all Dunnes activists for 10% win

The Dunnes Stores National Committee wishes to thank all members and activists who engaged in the successful campaign to consolidate the temporary 10% Covid premium into pay and ensure the continuation of our 20% staff discount.

The victory was announced just before Christmas after almost two years of campaigning.

Thousands of Dunnes members signed petitions, engaged in surveys and some even protested outside of Head Office. Dunnes Stores customers even launched their own petition and helped produce a video showing their appreciation to the staff.

All of these activities helped us to achieve our goal of a significant pay increase and fair staff discount for all Dunnes workers. Now, in order to maintain these benefits, and importantly, to improve on them, we need every worker in Dunnes to join our campaign and join our Union.

If you know anyone in your store who is not a member of Mandate, ask them to join today by clicking here.

Together we are stronger.