Dunnes worker’s want pay equality and fairer allocation of hours, according to survey

The Dunnes worker’s survey results are in and 1,600 workers have had their say. Of those who completed the survey, 60% were members of Mandate Trade Union and 40% non-members.

Some of the key results include:

  • 92% said if hours become available they should be offered to existing staff first.
  • 87% said understaffing is an issue in their store.
  • 79% say all workers should have access to the same incremental pay scale.
  • 51% of post-2007 staff said they want to work additional hours.

The results of this survey will help the Dunnes National Committee formulate Mandate’s 2022 pay claim on behalf of members of the union.

Pay & Annual Leave

The average pay rate for a Dunnes worker is €14.49. However, pay fluctuated significantly with Mandate members (€15.60) earning 22% more than non-members (€12.79) on average. The vast majority of workers are supportive of a pay equality claim with four out of five saying they want all workers to move to the highest pay scale.

Nine out of ten workers agreed that additional annual leave should be provided.

Secure hour contracts

Dunnes workers are more likely to have secure hours if they are a member of Mandate with 57% of members on a banded hour contract compared to only 24% of non-members. Interestingly, it seems the company is more likely to respond to members of the union who apply for secure hours.

Only 2.8% of Mandate members said they had requested a banded hour contract but had not had a response from management, but that figure was more than double (6%) for non-members, again, showing that you’re better off in a union.

Roster notice

There are huge fluctuations in roster notice with:

  • 38% receiving 4 weeks’ notice;
  • 32% receiving 3 weeks’ notice;
  • 22% receiving 2 weeks notice; and
  • 8% receiving 1 weeks’ notice.

While 59% of respondents said they are satisfied with their rostering notice overall, 86% of those with only one weeks’ notice said they were unsatisfied.


When asked whether they felt they were being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, two thirds said no, and only one in five said yes.

Other results

When asked if there was one thing Dunnes workers would change, the largest response was “management” followed by “work/life balance” and “improved pay”. Other priorities for workers included being treated fairly and with respect.


  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed that staff should be provided with the opportunity to receive full-time jobs.
  • 92% agreed or strongly agreed that hours should be allocated fairly among all staff.
  • 90% agreed or strongly agreed that Dunnes should provide more flexibility on day off requests.
  • 90% agreed or strongly agreed that Dunnes should establish fully paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • 89% agreed or strongly agreed that additional annual leave days should be provided.

Next Steps

It is the intention of the Dunnes National Committee to lodge a pay claim in the coming weeks which will address the issues identified through the survey. The only way we will achieve success is if the Union increases density levels within Dunnes. If you would like to become active in the campaign, please contact your local shop steward.