Dunnes Stores National Committee thank public and politicians for helping to secure pay increase

The Dunnes Stores National Committee consisting of Mandate shop stewards from across the country have thanked the public and some politicians for their support in obtaining a 10% pay increase and 20% staff discount.

The workers celebrated their victory in December 2021 but say this win wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of their colleagues, as well as the Dunnes Stores customers.

Cathy McLoughlin from Dunnes Stores in Dundalk said: “We’re so grateful to everyone who backed us. Dunnes don’t negotiate with our union, Mandate, so we have to put pressure on them in a variety of different ways. That’s why our customer petition and the support our customer showed in videos was so important.”

Padraig O’Reilly from Dunnes Stores in Clonakilty added: “We asked every TD in the country to sign the petition and told them we’d be letting all of our 10,000 colleagues know who stood with us and who didn’t. That’s why we’re publishing the list today:

Carlow – KilkennyMs. Kathleen Funchion T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Carlow – KilkennyMr. John McGuinness T.D.Fianna FailNo
Carlow – KilkennyMs. Jennifer Murnane O’ConnorFianna FailNo
Carlow – KilkennyMr. Malcolm Noonan T.D.Green PartyNo
Carlow – KilkennyMr. John Paul Phelan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Cavan – MonaghanMr. Matt Carthy T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Cavan – MonaghanMs. Heather Humphreys T.D.Fine GaelNo
Cavan – MonaghanMr. Brendan Smith T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cavan – MonaghanMs. Niamh Smyth T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cavan – MonaghanMs. Pauline Tully T.D.Sinn FeinNo
ClareMr. Joe Carey T.D.Fine GaelNo
ClareMr. Cathal Crowe T.D.Fianna FailNo
ClareMr. Michael McNamara T.D.IndepententNo
ClareMs. Violet-Anne Wynne T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Cork EastMr. Pat Buckley T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Cork EastMr. James O’Connor T.DFianna FailNo
Cork EastMr. Sean SherlockLabour PartyYes
Cork EastMr. David Stanton T.D.Fine GaelNo
Cork North CentralMr. Mick Barry T.D.Solidarity – People B4 ProfitYes
Cork North CentralMr. Colm Burke T.D.Fine GaelNo
Cork North CentralMr. Thomas Gould T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Cork North CentralMr. Padraig O’Sullivan T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cork North WestMr. Michael Creed T.D.Fine GaelYes
Cork North WestMr. Aindrias Moynihan T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cork North WestMr. Michael Moynihan T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cork South CentralMr. Simon Coveney T.D.Fine GaelNo
Cork South CentralMr. Micheal Martin T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cork South CentralMr. Michael McGrath T.D.Fianna FailNo
Cork South CentralMr. Donnchadh O’Laoghaire T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Cork South WestMs. Holly Cairns T.D.Social DemocratsNo
Cork South WestMr. Michael Collins T.D.IndependentNo
Cork South WestMr. Christopher O’Sullivan T.D.Fianna FailNo
DonegalMr. Pearse Doherty T.D.Sinn FeinNo
DonegalMr. Padraig Mac Lochlainn T.D.Sinn FeinYes
DonegalMr. Charlie McConalogue T.D.Fianna FailNo
DonegalMr. Joe McHugh T.D.Fine GaelNo
DonegalMr. Thomas Pringle T.D.IndependentYes
Dublin Bay NorthMr. Cian O’Callaghan T.D.Social DemocratsYes
Dublin Bay NorthMr. Richard Bruton T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin Bay NorthMr. Sean Haughey T.D.Fianna FailNo
Dublin Bay NorthMr. Aodhan O RiordainLabour PartyNo
Dublin Bay NorthMs. Denise Mitchell T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Dublin Bay SouthMr. Ivana Bacik T.D.Labour PartyNo
Dublin Bay SouthMr. Jim O’Callaghan T.D.Fianna FailNo
Dublin Bay SouthMr. Chris Andrews T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin Bay SouthMr. Eamon Ryan T.D.Green PartyNo
Dublin CentralMr. Paschal Donohoe T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin CentralMs. Mary Lou McDonald T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Dublin CentralMr. Gary Gannon T.D.Social DemocratsYes
Dublin CentralMs. Neasa Hourigan T.D.Green PartyNo
DUBLIN FINGALMs. Joe O’Brien T.D.Green PartyNo
DUBLIN FINGALMr. Alan Farrell T.D.Fine GaelNo
DUBLIN FINGALMr. Darragh O’Brien T.D.Fianna FailNo
DUBLIN FINGALMs. Louise O’Reilly T.D.Sinn FeinYes
DUBLIN FINGALMr. Duncan Smith T.D.Labour PartyNo
Dublin Mid WestMr. Mark Ward T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin Mid WestMs. Emer Higgins T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin Mid WestMr. Gino Kenny T.D.Solidarity – People B4 ProfitYes
Dublin Mid WestMr. Eoin O’Broin T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin North WestMr. Dessie Ellis T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Dublin North WestMr. Paul McAuliffe T.D.Fianna FailNo
Dublin North WestMs. Roisin Shortall T.D.Social DemocratsYes
Dublin RathdownMs. Josepha Madigan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin RathdownMs. Catherine Martin T.D.Green PartyNo
Dublin RathdownMr. Neale Richmond T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin South CentralMs. Patrick Costelloe T.D.Green PartyYes
Dublin South CentralMs. Joan Collins T.D.Independent 4 ChangeYes
Dublin South CentralMr. Aengus O’Snodaigh T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin South CentralMs. Brid Smith T.D.Solidarity – People B4 ProfitNo
Dublin South WestMr. Colm Brophy T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dublin South WestMr. Sean Crowe T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin South WestMr. John Lahart T.D.Fianna FailYes
Dublin South WestMr. Paul MurphySolidarity – People B4 ProfitYes
Dublin South WestMr. Francis Noel Duffy T.D.Green PartyNo
Dublin WestMr. Paul Donnelly T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Dublin WestMr. Jack Chambers T.D.Fianna FailNo
Dublin WestMs. Roderick O’Gorman T.D.Green PartyNo
Dublin WestDr. Leo Varadkar T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dun LaoghaireMs. Jennifer Carroll MacNeill T.D.Fine GaelNo
Dun LaoghaireMr. Cormac Devlin T.D.Fianna FailNo
Dun LaoghaireMr. Richard Boyd Barrett T.D.Solidarity – People B4 ProfitYes
Dun LaoghaireMr. Ossian Smyth T.D.Green PartyNo
Galway EastMr. Sean Canney T.DIndependentNo
Galway EastMr. Ciaran Cannon T.D.Fine GaelNo
Galway EastMs. Anne Rabbitte T.D.Fianna FailNo
Galway WestMs. Catherine Connolly T.D.IndependentNo
Galway WestMs. Mairead Farrell T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Galway WestMr. Noel Grealish T.D.IndependentNo
Galway WestMs. Hildegarde Naughton T.D.Fine GaelNo
Galway WestMr. Eamon O’CuivFianna FailNo
KerryMr. Pa Daly T.D.Sinn FeinNo
KerryMs. Norma Foley T.D.Fianna FailNo
KerryMr. Brendan Griffin T.D.Fine GaelNo
KerryMr. Danny Healy-Rae T.D.IndependentNo
KerryMr. Michael Healy-Rae T.D.IndependentYes
Kildare NorthMs. Reada Cronin T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Kildare NorthMr. Bernard Durkan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Kildare NorthMr. James Lawless T.D.Fianna FailNo
Kildare NorthMs. Catherine Murphy T.D.Social DemocratsNo
Kildare SouthMr. Cathal Berry T.D.IndependentYes
Kildare SouthMr. Martin Heydon T.D.Fine GaelNo
Kildare SouthMs. Patricia Ryan T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Kildare SouthMr. Sean O’Fearghail T.D.Fianna FailNo
Laois – OffalyMr. Barry Cowen T.D.Fianna FailNo
Laois – OffalyMr. Charles Flanagan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Laois – OffalyMr. Sean Fleming T.D.Fianna FailNo
Laois – OffalyMs. Carol Nolan T.D.IndependentNo
Laois – OffalyMr. Brian Stanley T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Limerick CityMr. Brian Leddin T.D.Green PartyNo
Limerick CityMr. Willie O’Dea T.D.Fianna FailYes
Limerick CityMr. Kieran O’Donnell T.D.Fine GaelNo
Limerick CityMr. Maurice Quinlivan T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Limerick CountyMr. Niall Collins T.D.Fianna FailNo
Limerick CountyMr. Richard O’Donoghue T.D.IndependentNo
Limerick CountyMr. Patrick O’Donovan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Longford – WestmeathMr. Peter Burke T.D.Fine GaelNo
Longford – WestmeathMs. Sorca Clarke T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Longford – WestmeathMr. Joe Flaherty T.D.Fianna FailNo
Longford – WestmeathMr. Robert Troy T.D.Fianna FailNo
LouthMr. Peter Fitzpatrick T.D.IndependentNo
LouthMs. Imelda Munster T.D.Sinn FeinNo
LouthMr. Ged Nash T.D.Labour PartyYes
LouthMr. Fergus O’Dowd T.D.Fine GaelNo
LouthMr. Ruairi O’Murchu T.D.Sinn FeinNo
MayoMr. Dara Calleary T.D.Fianna FailNo
MayoMs. Rose Conway-Walsh T.D.Sinn FeinNo
MayoMr. Alan Dillon T.D.Fine GaelNo
MayoMr. Michael Ring T.D.Fine GaelNo
Meath EastMr. Thomas Byrne T.D.Fianna FailNo
Meath EastMs. Helen McEntee T.DFine GaelNo
Meath EastMr. Darren O’Rourke T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Meath WestMr. Damien English T.D.Fine GaelNo
Meath WestMr. Johnny Guirke T.D.Sinn FeinNo
Meath WestMr. Peadar Toibin T.D.AontuNo
Roscommon GalwayMr. Michael Fitzmaurice T.D.IndependentNo
Roscommon GalwayMs. Claire Kerrane T.D.Sinn FeinYes
Roscommon GalwayMr. Denis Naughten T.D.IndependentNo
Sligo – LeitrimMr. Frankie Feighan T.D.Fine GaelNo
Sligo – LeitrimMs. Marian Harkin T.D.IndependentNo
Sligo – LeitrimMr. Martin KennySinn FeinNo
Sligo – LeitrimMr. Marc MacSharry T.D.Fianna FailNo
TipperaryMr. Martin Browne T.D.Sinn FeinNo
TipperaryMr. Jackie Cahill T.D.Fianna FailNo
TipperaryMr. Alan Kelly T.D.Labour PartyNo
TipperaryMr. Michael Lowry T.D.IndependentNo
TipperaryMr. Mattie McGrath T.D.IndependentNo
WaterfordMs. Mary Butler T.D.Fianna FailNo
WaterfordMr. David Cullinane T.D.Sinn FeinYes
WaterfordMr. Matt Shanahan T.D.IndependentNo
WaterfordMr. Marc O’Cathasaigh T.D.Green PartyNo
WexfordMr. James Browne T.D.Fianna FailNo
WexfordMr. Brendan Howlin T.D.Labour PartyYes
WexfordMr. Paul Kehoe T.D.Fine GaelNo
WexfordMs. Verona Murphy T.D.IndepententNo
WexfordMr. Johnny Mythen T.D.Sinn FeinYes
WicklowMr. Simon Harris T.D.Fine GaelNo
WicklowMr. John Brady T.D.Sinn FeinYes
WicklowMr. Steven Matthews T.D.Green PartyYes
WicklowMr. Stephen Donnelly T.D.Fianna FailNo
WicklowMs. Jennifer Whitmore T.D.Social DemocratsYes