Decent hours and earnings

Current situation: Many Dunnes Stores workers are on flexi-hour contracts and face low and insecure working hours and unpredictable working schedules which can often vary between 15-35 hours from week to week. This uncertainty of hours and earnings makes it extremely difficult for workers to earn a living wage. The situation also denies workers the opportunity to work a second job or even to qualify for social welfare supports. Workers also claim that insecurity over hours and scheduling is used as a method of control and discipline over workers.

What we want: Banded hour contracts that provide decent and secure hours and earnings similar to other major retailers like Tesco, Supervalu, and Penneys. Banded hours contracts (20-25 hours, 25-30 hours, 30-35 hours, etc.) provide greater certainty and security of hours as an employer may not drop workers below the lowest number in their band without agreement.