Letter to Dunnes activists – 14/08/2019

Dear Dunnes Stores activists,

This coming Friday (16 August 2019), Mandate Trade Union intends to distribute the 2019 Pay & Benefits Claim to all members employed by Dunnes Stores.

Your claim, which you can see here, has been developed through multiple surveys of membership in Dunnes Stores and with the endorsement of the Dunnes National Committee, made up of shop stewards and activists.

It includes:

  • A fair pay increase for all workers in the company;
  • A new equal pay scale which would enable all workers to achieve the top point;
  • More full time jobs;
  • Fairer scheduling; and most importantly,
  • A right to trade union representation for individual and collective purposes.

If we are to achieve the objectives of this claim, we must ensure as many Dunnes Stores workers across the Republic of Ireland endorse the claim as possible. We must also ensure that all Dunnes Stores workers are members of Mandate Trade Union, and in both those contexts, your role is extremely important.

Over the coming weeks we hope to get all Dunnes workers to support this claim. We ask that you circulate the claim to all members of staff in your store through whatever means possible and get them to endorse it – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, emails, text messages, etc.

Your local official and organiser will be available to assist in whatever way they can. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. In the meantime, please read the following article to understand the context of the claim and how this can be achieved.

In Solidarity,

John Douglas

Mandate Trade Union

General Secretary