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Why are we balloting for industrial action?

  • Dunnes Stores senior management have refused to engage with your union and with the state’s industrial relations bodies, including the Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court, to deal with the issues and grievances that our members in Dunnes have raised.
  • The main issues being raised include guaranteed sufficient weekly hours (banded hour contracts), fair pay, more permanent contracts and the right to be represented by your union both individually and collectively.


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Workers left with no alternative but to vote for strike action

More than 5,000 Mandate Trade Union members in Dunnes Stores will commence a ballot for industrial action today (Wednesday, 11 February 2015) after the company refused to accept a recent Labour Court Recommendation.

The Labour Court’s Recommendation said the company have an obligation to sit down with the Union to discuss all of the issues currently in dispute including:

  • The implementation of banded hour contracts which would give workers security of hours and earnings;
  • Individual and collective representational rights for Dunnes workers;
  • A review of Dunnes’ excessive use of temporary contracts of employment;
  • Fair pay for all workers in Dunnes Stores.


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As you are most likely aware Dunnes Stores management are distributing an unsigned letter today to all employees regarding the upcoming ballot for industrial action.

A letter like this from Dunnes should come as no surprise to you. Numerous and well-documented attempts by your Union and the Labour Relations Commission over the past months to meet with Dunnes senior managers and owners to resolve the main grievances and concerns have been completely ignored or rejected by the Company.


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Dunnes Stores managers held extra communications meetings in almost all stores across the country over the last week after being instructed by Dunnes Stores senior management to do so.

This is a clear sign that workers are growing strength and the decision to commence a ballot for industrial action is having a major impact and been treated as a concern by the company.


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Mandate Trade Union shop stewards in Dunnes Stores have voted overwhelmingly in favour of commencing a process of balloting for industrial action at the company. The vote took place at a National Shop Stewards Meeting yesterday (Wed 14 January) where workers representing stores from all over Ireland were in attendance.

Dunnes employs more than 10,000 workers in 112 stores across the Republic of Ireland. Mandate Trade Union say the balloting process will commence in the coming weeks.


Survey results show Dunnes workers want serious change

“We may be forced to take industrial action if our company doesn’t respond to our very reasonable demands,” Muireann Dalton, Dunnes worker

A delegation of Dunnes Stores workers will today (Friday, 19th December 2014) deliver a giant Christmas card to Dunnes Stores head office demanding the company stop ignoring their issues and deal with their collective demands.


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Industrial action may now be unavoidable

Mandate Trade Union has today (Monday, 1st December 2014) condemned Dunnes Stores for refusing to meaningfully engage with their own workers after the company wrote to the Labour Court stating that they had no intention of meeting with their workers’ representatives.

Dunnes say they will be disregarding the Labour Court’s Recommendation issued on the 14th November 2014 which said a meeting between Mandate and Dunnes should take place within a period of four weeks. The Union says this is the fourth time in as many years the company has displayed a dismissive attitude to the findings of the Labour Court and in doing so shows an entirely disrespectful attitude to its own workforce, as well as the State’s most senior industrial relations body.


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Mandate Trade Union has today (Monday, 17th November 2014) welcomed a Recommendation from the Labour Court which vindicates the Union’s position in relation to Dunnes Stores.

The Court has recommended the company meet with the workers’ union within four weeks in an effort to resolve all of the issues in dispute.

These include:
• Decent hours and earnings;
• Job security;
• Fair pay; and
• The right to trade union representation.


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“We cannot survive on these contracts, not knowing what hours we’ll have from week-to-week”, says Dunnes worker.

Dunnes refuse to turn up to Labour Court.

A delegation of Dunnes Stores workers attended a Labour Court hearing today (11:30am Wednesday, 29th October) where they put forward their case for secure hours and earnings for all workers at the Irish retail giant.



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The Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign has launched a new survey for all workers across Dunnes in the Republic of Ireland. Since the campaign was launched in April this year, the campaign has had a number of successes in relation to pay and contracts of employment. In order to stay up to date with these developments the campaign is launching this very brief survey.

We would like to establish the conditions of employment for all different categories of workers in Dunnes but we can only do so with your help. Please take two minutes to fill in the survey.

Dunnes Stores set for Labour Court hearing

Posted on October 7, 2014 by mandatetradeunion

Mandate Trade Union has received notification from the Labour Court that a hearing will take place on Wednesday, 29th October 2014 in relation to the Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign.

The union says it has been left with no alternative but to attend the Labour Court after the company failed to even meet the Union to consider demands made by our members.

Victory number two for Dunnes Stores workers!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 09.38.31

The Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign has achieved a second significant win with permanent contracts being offered to temporary staff across Dunnes Stores.

This follows the concession of a 3 percent pay increase in June for all workers at the Irish retail giant – a key demand made by the campaign.


Mandate refer claim against Dunnes Stores to Labour Court

Posted on August 25, 2014 by mandatetradeunion

Mandate Trade Union has referred a claim on behalf of members in Dunnes Stores to the Labour Court after the company refused to attend a Labour Relations Commission (LRC) conciliation hearing.

Dunnes Stores employs approximately 10,000 workers in 112 stores across the Republic of Ireland. Mandate launched their Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign in May (2014) with four key issues identified by members:

  • Decent hours and earnings;
  • Job security;
  • Fair pay; and
  • Representation and right to dignity at work.


Dunnes Stores continue to snub worker’s demands

Senior management in Dunnes Stores are continuing to avoid a meeting with their workers’ union to discuss issues of concern for their workforce – say MANDATE Trade Union.

MANDATE represents more than 4,000 workers in 112 stores across the Republic of Ireland. On 1st May, MANDATE wrote to Dunnes seeking a meeting with management representatives to consider the following items which have been raised the union’s members:

  • Introduction of sufficient weekly hour thresholds
  • Review of the number of pay scales / pay rates currently in operation
  • Review of the use of temporary contracts
  • Claim for a 3% wage increase
  • Representation rights for our members.

Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign “growing by the day”

The Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign is “growing by the day” according to Mandate’s Lead Organiser Bill Abom.

The union has been hosting local meeting across the country in recent weeks which have been attended by hundreds of activists, members and non-members alike and Mr Abom says there’s clearly an appetite to achieve real and permanent change in Dunnes Stores.

He explained that Dunnes workers are joining their union in record numbers as the campaign develops.

Congratulations to all Dunnes workers

Gerry Light launching the Decency for Dunnes Workers Campaign

Well done to all Dunnes Stores workers for achieving the first win of our Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign.

Yesterday Dunnes Stores management announced a 3% pay increase, a concession that formed one part of our claim.

Obviously Dunnes Stores has been paying attention to the growing momentum in our campaign and this pay increase goes some of the way towards achieving our overall objectives.


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  • Good luck for the future.and I am sure I will be on the picket duty in the future.

  • They can’t take their money with them to the next life! They should start treating the workers who are their best assit where would they be with out them.

  • Iam glad to hear the mininum wage has gone up.power to the union and the workers !we would be lost with out the unions.

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