Dunnes Worker Newsletter #1

Dunnes worker survey to be launched in coming weeks

The Dunnes Stores National Committee will be launching our Pay & Benefits survey for Dunnes members in the coming weeks.

The survey will be open for six weeks and will help your National Committee to develop a pay and benefits claim that will improve living standards for members of Mandate Trade Union working in Dunnes.


Banded Hours Update

Mandate Trade Union has been made aware that some employers are refusing to process Banded Hour Contract requests citing that they can only be processed at a particular time of the year.

This is not true!

All workers who are not covered by a collective agreement governing “Banded Hours”, which includes Dunnes Stores workers, are entitled to lodge a claim for secure hours provided they have more than 12 months service and have not lodged a claim in the previous 12 months.


Congratulations to all activists for 10% win

The Dunnes Stores National Committee wishes to thank all members and activists who engaged in the successful campaign to consolidate the temporary 10% Covid premium into pay and ensure the continuation of our 20% staff discount.

The victory was announced just before Christmas after almost two years of campaigning.


Training & Education Courses

Mandate Trade Union provides education and training courses to upskill members. If you’re interested in attending any of our courses you can find more information and apply to participate in a course by clicking here.

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