New Staff Privilege Discount Card

7th November 2018

To: All Mandate Members in Dunnes Stores

From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary

Re: New Staff Privilege Discount Card

As most of you may be aware, Dunnes have revealed that they will be offering all staff a Privilege Card worth a discount of 10%. As you know extending the discount card to all staff was one of the elements of your Union’s claim served earlier this year on your employer.

The concession of the discount card is a step in the right direction but make no mistake it would not have been conceded without your union, backed by over 3,000 union members in Dunnes, seeking its introduction in the first place. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, the new discount falls short in terms of equality as all staff should be granted the highest existing discount rate of 20%.

In addition, many other aspects of your 2018 pay and benefits claim which is awaiting hearing before the Labour Court still need to be fully addressed by your employer and these include:

  • A 3% cost of living pay rise for 2018 (which is now well overdue);
  • Moving all members onto a pay scale which gives access to the highest existing hourly rates for sales assistants in Dunnes;
  • Secure working hours (banded hours) and more full time jobs.

Never forget you work for Ireland’s most successful retailer therefore you and your fellow workers deserve to fully share the benefits of this success and by speaking and acting as one strong determined voice you are more likely to achieve this.

Continue to strengthen your Union by sharing information and asking colleagues to join today!