Request to be placed on a secure band of weekly working hours

6th March 2019
To: All Dunnes Stores Members
From: Gerry Light, Assistant General Secretary


Dear Member

It has come to our attention that Dunnes management have started to inform staff that in order to apply for a weekly band of hours under the new legislation that you must fill in a specific “Dunnes request form” which apparently still has not been presented to staff. This is false and misleading information.

Please be advised that there is no specific requirement under the law that your request be made in the way being defined by Dunnes management. The template request letters that members have already signed are sufficient and in our opinion within the requirements of the new law.  

As you were notified last Friday, the first group of these request letters will be submitted by the Union on behalf of the members to Dunnes Stores on Monday the 11th March 2019. It is important that all Dunnes members who want to submit a request to the company through Mandate return their signed request letter back to their Union Official/Organiser/Shop Steward before this Friday the 8th of March.  More information here: dunnes-stores-banded-hours-request-template-letter-050219-1

While there will be opportunities to submit letters of request for banded hours through the Union on an ongoing basis in future, we encourage all members to return their letters before next Friday so as not to miss out on the first stage of these requests.

If you have any queries please contact your local Mandate office, official or shop steward.

Any non-members who wish to join can do so at