The Union Difference

For decades members of Mandate Trade Union working in Dunnes Stores have fought and won improvements to their terms and conditions of employment. Nothing has ever been given freely – it was a result of the collective strength of members acting together.

Recent Gains

  • Annual pay rises of 3%
  • Ending of fixed term contracts
  • More advanced rostering

Support and Assistance

As a member if you have an issue and need some support or assistance you can speak with your in-store Mandate shop steward (representative). You can also contact the Mandate office to speak with one of our officials. Click here to find out more about member benefits.

Much accomplished. More to do.

The campaign to protect and improve conditions in Dunnes continues. The best way to ensure progress is to keep the Union strong in every store. Some of the current core issues:

  • Security of working hours and income
    Members are seeking the creation of more full time jobs and “banded hour” contracts which are common in Mandate unionised employments. Such contracts provide better minimum-hours and greater certainly over weekly hours. Banded hour contracts limit the wide range of hours fluctuation that happens on a Dunnes 15-37.5 hour contract.
  • Pay equality
    There are a number of pay scales operating in Dunnes. Sales assistants on newer payscales end at a much lower top rate and they do not receive a staff discount. Members are seeking equality to the top rate and the staff discount.
  • Right of representation
    Members are seeking that their right to individual and collective representation by their union is recognised and respected by Dunnes management.


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