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Last chance to complete Dunnes Stores Workers’ Survey

Almost 1,300 Dunnes Stores workers have completed the 2022 Dunnes Workers’ Survey with just over one week until it closes.

The Dunnes National Committee is calling on all Dunnes workers who haven’t completed it to do so as a matter of urgency:

“We need to produce a pay and benefits claim that’s reflective of what our members in Dunnes Stores want,” said Cathy from Dunnes Stores in Dundalk. “If we are to do that, we need to hear from as many Dunnes workers as possible.”

Members of the Dunnes National Committee encourage all Dunnes workers to complete the survey

Alex, another Dunnes worker from Dublin said:

“1,300 completed surveys will obviously help us to determine what the key issues are for Dunnes workers, but the company employs almost 10,000 staff. We don’t want any gaps and it’s really important that young workers in particular fill this survey in.”

The Survey will close on Saturday, 4th June and anyone who hasn’t already completed it can do so by clicking here.

Advice for Mandate members on grievances, complaints, investigations and disciplinaries

Grievance or Complaint

Advice for Dunnes Stores members if raising a grievance or making a complaint at work:

  • Ensure that the grievance has been lodged in writing to management and keep a copy for your own records.
  • Make sure to ask questions and know the facts before meeting management.
  • Always ensure that a copy of the Dunnes Stores Grievance Procedure is to hand.
  • Collect any paperwork or agreements relating to the issue.
  • Advise members not to attend a meeting alone, bring your shop-steward or a colleague you trust.
  • Always record the date, the venue, who was present, the time that the meeting started and the time it finished, what was discussed and what the outcome was.
  • If you need to take a break request this, if this is refused note the refusal.
  • Keep information that is disclosed confidential.
  • Keep your Mandate Official updated on any developments. Always Keep any records you have in a safe secure place.

Investigation/Disciplinary Meetings

What to do if you are notified that you are to attend a meeting with your employer:

  • Always find out what the meeting is about.
  • ls it an Investigatory or a Disciplinary Meeting?
  • Make sure you have a Shop Steward or a Witness with you.
  • If there is no one available try to have the meeting rescheduled.
  • Make sure you have a colleague/witness that will take notes of the meeting (in a third-party case these notes are equally as relevant as managements notes)
  • Make sure you understand exactly what allegations are being made or what is being investigated before giving any response.
  • Request copies of any statements or other evidence (e.g., CCTV) that the company are relying on.
  • Request a copy of the company policy and the relevant section the company are referring to.
  • Request a copy of all the notes the company have taken at a meeting.

If as a result of an investigation meeting you are then invited to attend a disciplinary hearing all of the above will apply.

Make sure your Union Official is made aware of the meeting and the outcome.

Remember It is important to use the internal appeal process following the outcome of the Disciplinary hearing if you are not satisfied with the outcome, or feel the sanction is unfair or too severe.

Your Mandate Official will advise on Third Party Referral should this avenue be available and beneficial to the member.

Mandate contact details are available here.