1. Fair Pay & Annual Leave
 Create one equal pay scale for all Dunnes workers with access to top point after 10 year’s service. Additional annual leave entitlements based on service with the company.  

 ServiceRate of payAnnual Leave
 Year 1 €13.30ph 21 Days
 Year 2 €14.00ph 22 Days
 Year 3 €14.75ph 23 Days
 Year 4 €15.50ph 24 Days
 Year 5 €16.25ph 25 Days
Year 6 €17.75ph25 Days
Year 10 €19.75ph25 Days
  • Minimum unsocial hours rate (10pm-8am) of Time +1/2
  • Minimum public holiday rate of Time +1/2 (and an additional day’s pay

* After 25 years’ service Dunnes workers continue to receive an extra week of annual leave bringing their total to 30 days.

2. Privilege card

Remove monthly limit (€1,000) on staff discount card.

3. Sick pay
8 weeks paid sick leave and all staff to have access to sick pay after their 6 month probation.

4. Full Time Jobs & Allocation of Hours 
 The opportunity for Dunnes workers to obtain full time jobs. Additional hours should be offered on a fair and equitable basis to existing staff before hiring new workers.  
5. Fair Scheduling
 Fairer scheduling for a better work/life balance. All Dunnes workers to receive a four week roster with changes only through mutual agreement. One weekend off in every four. More flexibility from Management with day off requests. A workplace with safe and adequate staffing levels.

6.Maternity/Paternity/Parental leave/Parent’s leave
All workers to receive full pay when on Maternity and Paternity Leave. More flexibility when taking Parental Leave to enable workers to take it as separate days or weeks. More flexibility when taking Parent’s Leave, taken as separate weeks.

7. Right to Representation
Dunnes Stores management must recognise and respect their workers’ right to individual and collective representation by their Trade Union.